Our daily curriculum prioritises a safe environment for independent and uninterrupted play

This approach empowers children to learn and grow at their own pace physically, cognitively, emotionally, socially and spiritually. We promise to personalise the curriculum for each child in order to build on their dispositions, interests and ability.

We will encourage them to develop essential learning skills and self-help skills. We also think it is important for them to have a sense of biculturalism and belonging within the wider community.

Family and community is an integral part of our curriculum. At Hatchlings childcare centre we are committed to working together with children, families and their whānau through warm, respectful and reciprocal relationships. We ensure that children and their families will feel comfortable with the routines, customs and regular events at Hatchlings.

We look forward to working together with parents and whānau in partnership. We reassure you that our dedicated staff will prepare your child for a happy, well-balanced and a positive future and Hatchlings childcare centre will be a home away from home to your precious child.

We foster an environment of free and uninterrupted play, where children can explore and discover the world around them.